Posted 2 weeks ago
After the ticklish question, I can't help but ask if there's *any* chance of a future bound and tickled photo session?
Anonymous asked

Probably no chance of a bound and tickled.



Posted 3 weeks ago
Came here for the pictures, but it turns out I like reading the questions and hearing your thoughts. Enjoy the laid back feel of your site. Nice work/play.
texastoes asked

Thanks.  Dee and I are lucky to have found each other.

Posted 3 weeks ago
How is the website coming along? You seem to have been working on it a while ago, and we have not seen anything new for some time. Are you still posting new scenarios?
Anonymous asked

The website “remaster” is going slowly.  Tumblr and FetLife are really good places to share pictures, so that’s where we’re doing it for now.

Posted 3 weeks ago
does Dee fuck other men and if so do you watch her in action
Anonymous asked

Not very often.  I have lots of fantasies of arranging a gang-bang for her, but the reality is there aren’t many opportunities for that.  If you had a Ferrari, would you let other guys drive it?

Posted 3 weeks ago
Are Dee's feet ticklish?
Anonymous asked

Dee is moderately ticklish, but reacts strongly to being tickled.  That’s how I introduced her to bondage, as it was quite a challenge to tickle her and then keep her contained.

I don’t tickle her often, maybe once a decade, out of a sense of self-preservation.

Posted 1 month ago

My what a big probe you have, Mr. Alien!

Model: Dee Luvbight
Location: Central Utah

Posted 2 months ago

The model is Maria Shadoes.
The location is Hedo 2 during Kink in the Caribbean.
The rigger is Lew Rubens.
The image is originally from

Posted 3 months ago
How did the two of you handle your ”unusual"relationship with your children? I assume they are aware of your activities now, if not early on.
Anonymous asked

We have a lock on our bedroom door.  Problem solved.

Now that they’re adults, they’re aware, but if you spend any time watching us, you can clearly see we have a loving and respectful relationship.  

Posted 3 months ago
do you share Dee ?
Anonymous asked

The real answer is that I have to share Dee with the dogs, horses, and kids.  We’re real people with family and vanilla interests.


I suspect that you want to know if I share Dee sexually.  And the answer is also yes, but not a lot.  We’re not swingers, per se, but we have on rare occasions included both oral and genital sex with other play partners.

We need to develop a friendship with a person before we want to include them in our sex life.

Posted 3 months ago
How good is dee on blowjobs?
Anonymous asked

She is excellent…